Clinical Charges
Consultation - Doctor €50
Blood Test (Private and GMS) €30
Consultation – Nurse €30
Driver’s Licence Medical Private) €50
Driver’s Licence Medical GMS) €30
24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor (BPM) €60
E.C.G. (Heartrate Activity Monitor) €30
Flu Clinic (If Not Covered by HSE) €20
Injection €20
STI Screening €60
Smear Test (not covered by Cervical Check Scheme) €75
Implanon Insertion Private €100
Implanon Insertion GMS €50
Implanon Removal - Private €100
Implanon Removal - GMS €40
Coil Insertion & follow up (2 visits) €140
Coil removal €70
Cryotherapy €30
Blood Pressure Check with Nurse €10
Repeat Prescription €20
Ingrown Toe Nail Avulsion and Phenolisation
Non Clinical Charges
Blood Testing €30
Sick Certificate for work €20
Letters €20
Documentation Fee (including Form Filling) €20
oLarge Joint Injection €100
Small Joint Injection €70
Ingrown Toe Nail Avulsion €100
Sebaceous Cyst Excision €120
Lipoma Excision €120
Venesection €100

Some of the Services Not Covered Under the GMS Contract

A medical card entitles the patient to a wide range of services. However, a number of additional services are not covered under the GMS contract and patients are required to pay directly for these services. The following items are not covered by the GMS Scheme: –

  • Blood Testing
  • Medical examinations or reports for legal purposes
  • Examinations relating to insurance policies
  • Examinations relating to fitness to drive including eye test
  • Pre-employment examinations
  • School entry examinations
  • Examinations for fitness to take part in sports
  • Some vaccinations
  • Certain screening services or health checks
  • Cervical smears (if falling outside the guidelines of the national cervical screening programme)
  • Medical Certs
  •  Certain Letters and Form Filling ( For example Travel letters, Passport letters, Grant Application Forms etc.)