We consider children to be very special visitors at Castle Street Surgery. Therefore, we have sought to make our practice as child friendly as possible and always try to make children as comfortable and relaxed as possible when attending for an appointment.

Childhood Vaccinations

We recommend and offer the standard primary childhood vaccinations in accordance with the Childhood Immunisation Programme. The Childhood Immunisation Programme is a free service for all children. You will need to provide details of your baby’s PPS number when attending for the first vaccinations.

Children must be reviewed by a Doctor in the practice prior to receiving their first childhood vaccinations which is normally completed during the 6-week check-up; the 6 weeks check is a routine examination carried out by a doctor 6 weeks after the child’s birth. Thereafter, parents can make an appointment with our Practice Nurse to receive their courses of the 6:1 and meningococcal vaccines and also the MMR vaccine. The booster vaccine at 4-5 years of age is usually given at school although we can give this booster if required.

We can also vaccinate your child against chicken pox using the varicella vaccine; this vaccine is ordered on request in advance of your visit, so please tell us at the time of making the appointment that you wish for your child to receive this vaccination.

We also administer appropriate travel vaccinations to children if requested.

International research shows that immunisation is the safest way to protect your child’s health. We are happy to discuss the risks with you before giving your child their vaccinations. Parents must consent to vaccinations for children and young people up to the age of 16. Please note that additional charges may apply for vaccinations which are not paid by the HSE.

Under 8s

Our practice is participating in the Under 8 GP Care Scheme, which commenced on July 1, 2015 and was extended on August 11th, 2023. The Under 8 GP Care Scheme applies up to 8 years of age (age 0 – 7).

If your child or children have a Medical Card or GP Visit Card then they will automatically be registered for Under 8 GP Care Scheme. If your child or children do not have a Medical Card or GP Visit Card then you must register them for the scheme.

Children, who are registered with the new scheme will have been issued with a Medical Card number which should be provided to Reception upon arrival. This number will then be verified online with the HSE.

Children under 8, who are properly registered and have a Medical Card number will not be charged.

Consultations for children under 8 who are not registered on the scheme will be charged at €40.

Registration Process

Go to www.gpvisitcard.ie and follow the instructions. You will need the PPS number of the child or children you wish to register and also the PPS number of the child’s Parent/Guardian. You must then select your Doctor and practice from the list displayed. The HSE will notify you within 3 – 4 days after you have been registered for the Under 8 GP Care Scheme.

The Under 8 GP Care Scheme covers all normal and acute medical care services. In addition, your child is entitled to:

  • a Periodic Assessment at the age of 2 and 5 which involves the measurement of your child’s weight and height by the practice; and
  • an Asthma Assessment for children between the age of 2 and 6 who are diagnosed with Asthma and a special review 3 months after a new diagnosis in addition to an annual review.

Whilst the Under 8 GP Care Scheme covers most routine needs of your child, it does not cover non-medical tasks that have often previously been carried out by your Doctor.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of services* not covered by the Under 8 GP Care Scheme, as suggested by the HSE:

  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Paediatric Phlebotomy
  • Passport/Identity Reports/Letters
  • Crèche Reports
  • Utilities Reports/Letters
  • Insurance Medicals/Reports
  • School Attendance Notes/Certificates
  • Sports Medicals/Reports
  • Letters in support of Applications for Services under the Social Welfare Acts (housing, clothing etc.)

*If the above services are required then an additional fee will apply.

*Please note that the services that we offer are for our own registered patients only.*