Outside of regular practice hours (8am to 6pm) and on weekends/bank holidays, medical cover is provided by WestDoc. Our practice participates in WestDoc. When you call the practice when it is closed, details of how to contact WestDoc will be given to you via an automated message. The number to call for WestDoc is 1850 365 000.

How it works

Your call will be answered by a WestDoc call taker and you will be asked to provide details of the patient and a contact phone number. If you have a Medical Card you will be asked for the number and expiry date. This information will then be passed to a Triage Nurse who will call you back as soon as possible. The Triage Nurse will gather all the relevant medical information and make an assessment. Based on this telephone assessment:

  1. The Triage Nurse will give advice to the patient/guardian where the details provided confirm a minor medical problem; or
  2. The patient will be offered the next available appointment with a Doctor at your nearest WestDoc Treatment Centre; or
  3. A house visit will be scheduled for the patient where they are seriously ill or suffer from lack of mobility.

WestDoc will then, at the earliest opportunity, forward details of your phone call and subsequent consultation to the Doctor nominated by the patient during the consultation. In most cases, this information will be received by the nominated Doctor early on the next working day that the practice is open.

The nearest WestDoc Treatment Centre is in Roscommon Town.